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Throughout our history, the Corpus Christi Army Depot has grown into a workforce of critical and creative problem solvers, equally agile and able to execute sustainability in operational environments resonant of uncertainty, complexity, and change. Such growth is not possible without outstanding leadership. Our staff, of Soldiers and Army Civilians alike, understand what leadership is and does what it takes to support the warfighter.

With a workforce of more than 3,100 and annual revenue of more than $800M, CCAD is a major employer and economic engine for the South Texas region.


Corpus Christi Army Depot is the industry leader in repairing and overhauling helicopters, engines, and components in Army Aviation. As the largest rotary wing repair facility on the globe, the depot excels by delivering the highest quality product on time and at the lowest possible cost.  The workforce is a collective team of industry specialists whose expertise spans from Aviation Mechanics to Analytical Specialists to Project Managers.  This amalgamation of skill sets is what makes Corpus Christi Army Depot the world's premier Army Aviation repair facility.


Our proud legacy precedes us. For the past 61 years our capabilities have met the ever-changing demands of Army Aviation sustainment. It is exciting to see the CCAD footprint in the continuing evolution of the rotary aviation industry.  With more than six decades in business, the commitment to our work and the warfighter makes CCAD the trusted source for repairing and overhauling aircraft and aircraft components.

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