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 COL Kyle Hogan, CCAD Commander

About CCAD

CCAD has become an asset in Army readiness since helicopters first took center stage of combat operations during the Vietnam War.  The Depot has proven its mettle in every military operation and mission it's been called to serve.  CCAD will continue to focus on the success of the mission and support strategic readiness of the Army with speed, accuracy, and quality.
CCAD remains a tenant organization on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi with more than 158 acres and 2.2 million square feet of industrial space.  Offering virtually year-round ideal weather for flight testing, CCAD is a facility for rotary wing repair.  With a workforce of more than 3,100 and annual revenue of more than $800M, CCAD is a major employer and economic engine for the South Texas region.


CCAD's Strengths:

  • Premier helicopter repair facility in the world.
  • Largest industrial employer and economic engine in South Texas.
  • Profit and loss organization operated with robust Lean Six Sigma Programs.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - First US Army Depot to automate a shop floor.               
  • Highly skilled, highly trained workforce.
  • Return crash damage aircraft to fully mission capable flyable status.
  • Repair unserviceable turbine engines to like new condition.
  • Additive manufacturing and new technologies, including Hot and Cold Metal Spray.
  • Six high bay paint booths, supporting all US Army helicopters and tri-service work.
  • Largest electroplating facility in South Texas.
  • Automatic 5 axis machining, shot peening, and advanced welding systems.
  • Flexible Smart Transmission Test System, capable of testing any gearbox.
  • Advanced composites.
  • AS9110 certified facility for aerospace industry maintenance repair and overhaul.