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What every family needs to know about Food and Water During Hurricanes, Floods and Power Outages.

US Office of Personnel Management

OPM Health & Wellness provides information and education to Federal employees and retirees about healthy living, greater individual responsibility for personal health, and best-treatment strategies.

*       Physical Activity
Be physically active every day. Many chronic diseases can be prevented with modest exercise. Learn how to make regular physical activity a routine part of your life.

*       Nutrition
Eat a nutritious diet. Healthy eating is not a fad - it's a lifestyle. Avoiding excessive portions, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, and good overall nutrition lower the risk of getting heart disease, stroke, cancer, and osteoporosis.

*       Prevention
Get preventive screenings. Screening can protect you and your family from illnesses you can prevent. A simple test like a cholesterol screen or a blood pressure check can reveal current health status and identify a need to adjust diet or behavior.

*       Healthy Choices
Avoid risky behaviors. Avoid tobacco and drugs as well as the abuse and underage use of alcohol and make smart and safe choices in your everyday life.



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Mission statement

  • Provide our Nation the best value for modification, repair, and overhaul of rotary wing components and aircraft to support strategic readiness of the Army. On order, repair forward-deployed aircraft and components worldwide.


  • Mission First, People Always!
  • CCAD must be postured to ensure we are synchronizing aviation assets, materiel support and enterprise resources to ensure SAFETY-QUALITY-ACCURACY in order to meet Army readiness goals.


  • CCAD is postured to meet our Nation’s future requirements in peacetime, surge during war and enable Army Readiness.


Last updated on: 26-Jun-2019