Soldiers Upgrade IT Support at Helicopter Depot

by Brigitte Rox, CCAD Public Affairs

Corpus Christi Army Depot commander, Col. Garner Pogue (far left) and Sgt. Maj. Steven Odom (far right) recognize the excellent IT efforts put forth by Spc. Keith Walter and Staff Sgts. Ruben Gonzalez and Lyarnell Harris (left to right), October 29, 2015..   Photo by Jose Rodriguez (RELEASED).

Corpus Christi, TX (October 30, 2015) – The Corpus Christi Army Depot is proud to have some thirty military personnel teaming with the mostly civilian workforce. It serves as a living reminder of the depot's most endearing customer: the Nation's defenders.

Three Soldiers have made a lasting impression on the Information Technology (IT) crews that maintain the networks and computer systems across the largest organic industrial base for joint helicopter maintenance and repair in defense.

Staff Sergeants Ruben Gonzalez and Lyarnell Harris, and Specialist Keith Walter are often referred to as "PFIs." They are part of the Department of Defense Personnel Force Innovation (PFI) program, whose mission is to fill critical manpower needs in DoD working capital funded activities by providing highly skilled reservists on a reimbursable and fee-for-service basis.

These are Guard and Reserve Active Duty Tours in support of DoD agencies throughout the world.

For the depot, it fulfills a temporary staffing need to enable the Army team to sustain helicopter support operations for DoD.

Reservists, Staff Sgt. Gonzalez and Spc. Walter, are 25B IT specialists providing technical support on computer systems, offering helicopter support personnel with imaging and re-imaging assistance.

Staff Sgt. Harris is a 92A Automated Logistics Specialist for the Army National Guard. He's supporting the Army at the helicopter maintenance and repair depot by handling the IT's inventory support and deploying IT systems across the organic industrial site with the rest of the IT team.

On October 29, 2015, the three were recognized by depot commander, Colonel Billingsley Garner Pogue III and Sergeant Major, Steven Odom, for their professionalism, courteous conduct, and great attitudes while recently deploying IT equipment to CCAD's production shop floor.


Designated a Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for rotary wing aircraft, Corpus Christi Army Depot ensures aviation readiness through overhaul, repair, modification, retrofit, testing, recapitalization, and modernization of helicopters, engines and components. This effort includes world-wide on-site field maintenance teams, analytical crash investigations and chemical material process facilities. CCAD serves as a depot training base for active duty Army, National Guard, and reserve units. CCAD, as South Texas' largest industrial employer, employs more than 5500 personnel and contractors providing an overall economic impact of more than $1.14 Billon to the local community.