Hangar 46 Micro Market Opens at Depot

by Brigitte Rox, CCAD Public Affairs

Photos by Brigette Rox (RELEASED).

Corpus Christi, TX (October 1, 2015) – Navy Exchange assists Naval Air Station Corpus Christi's largest base tenant, Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD), by bringing new dining options to the 4,000+ depot employees and contractors looking for a quick bite during their lunch break.

Micro markets promote healthy living to the workforce by offering better lifestyle choices in what to eat.

The Hangar 46 micro market is the latest in automated food service innovation and technology.

This is a collaborative effort between CCAD and NEX to promote a healthier and happier workforce.

The long-awaited Hangar 46 micro market opens Friday, October 2. This is the first of several new automated food service locations open at Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD).

The Navy Exchange Services (NEX) began delivering individual fresh food vending machines to CCAD earlier in 2015 to offer federal employees healthier dining alternatives at work. The larger self-checkout micro mart is the second phase of the initiative to bring an accessible variety of beverages, foods, snacks, and other goods to approximately 4,000 civilian personnel.

The micro market concept is a new innovation in automatic merchandising. Unlike boxy cash-only vending machines that took your money, micro markets take on the look and feel of a self-checkout retail food store.

With a focus on employee health and wellness, these shops will be stocked daily with fresh and healthy dining options, including prepared entrees, breakfast items, fruit, salads, wraps and sandwiches.

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, which is just one of the reasons depot leaders are excited about bringing micro markets to the production floor.

The shops promote healthy living to the workforce by offering better lifestyle choices in what to eat.

The Hangar 46 micro market will also help those who get to work before the sunrise. It features Starbucks brand coffee products and other premium coffees and beverages, like handspun milkshakes. A few sundries and other over-the-counter medical items are also available.

The micro market will be open Monday through Friday between 5:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. It will be closed on weekends.

With the Hangar 46 micro market up and running, NEX expects their next CCAD site, in Building 1700, to open by the end of October. Other sites will pop up soon.

Fresh food vending locations can be throughout CCAD:

Bldg 8 Cleaning Shop break room

Bldg 8 Safety Store vending machine area


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