CCAD Wins 2012 Robert M. Leich Award

by Brigitte Rox, CCAD Public Affairs

John Herzer, holds out an inlet guide vane

Corpus Christi Army Depot won the 2012 Robert M. Leich Award for their outstanding commitment to Army aviation through helicopter recapitalization and overhaul. Photo by Ervey Martinez (RELEASED).

Corpus Christi, TX (April 18, 2013) – To cap off an amazing year of record-breaking production, the Corpus Christi Army Depot received one of Army aviation’s highest honors.

CCAD won the 2012 Robert M. Leich Award at the 2013 U.S. Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Professional Forum, held in Ft. Worth April 10-13.

The annual award is presented nationally to a unit for sustained and outstanding contributions to Army aviation during the calendar year.

Since 1961, CCAD has been Army aviation’s answer to helicopter repair and maintenance and continues to serve as an industry leader of repair and overhaul for helicopters, engines and components. CCAD has adopted a creed to provide better, faster and cost-effective components to America’s Warfighters.

During the last ten years of war, the depot has expanded its capability, growing from $250M in FY02 production to a record $1.6B at the end of FY12. The depot restored and returned enough crash and battle damaged aircraft to support a full a Combat Aviation Brigade. They completed 798 recapitalization aircraft covering every mission assigned to the nation’s joint Warfighters since 2002. The UH-60 Alpha-Lima project, alone, produced more than 14 battalions of UH-60L aircraft. The depot converted six OH-58A aircraft to OH-58D Kiowa Wartime Replacement Aircraft with orders to build an additional 36 to bring the fleet back to authorized strength. Since 2003, CCAD has saved the American taxpayer more than $20B by cutting costs and making smarter choices in production.

“The Leich Award serves as a monument to the hard work done by the artisans of CCAD in supporting our joint Warfighters for the last 10 years of our Nation’s wars,” Col. Carlile said during CCAD’s Change of Executive Authority event, April 18. “CCAD joins the ranks of former winners to include the Nightstalkers of the Task Force 160, the 2011 winners.”

LTG (Retired) Dan Petrosky presented the award to Mr. William L. Braddy, Deputy Commander for Production Operations, who accepted it on behalf of Col. Christopher B. Carlile, Commander, and the CCAD workforce.

CCAD received their first Leich Award in 1978 when Col. Charles F. Drenz served as Depot Commander. At that time, it was only the third Leich Award in existence.

William Braddy takes command of CCAD

Col. Christopher B. Carlile, CCAD Commander, presents the Robert M. Leich Award at a farewell dinner event the evening before transferring executive authority of the depot to Mr. William L. Braddy. Photo by Jose Rodriguez (RELEASED)


Designated a Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for rotary wing aircraft, Corpus Christi Army Depot ensures aviation readiness through overhaul, repair, modification, retrofit, testing, recapitalization, and modernization of helicopters, engines and components. This effort includes world-wide on-site field maintenance teams, analytical crash investigations and chemical material process facilities. CCAD serves as a depot training base for active duty Army, National Guard, and reserve units. CCAD, as South Texas' largest industrial employer, employs more than 5500 personnel and contractors providing an overall economic impact of more than $1.14 Billon to the local community.