Renovated Military Barracks Open at Depot

by Jaclyn Nix, CCAD Public Affairs

Opening at Barracks

(from left) Mitch Holmes, Military Personnel and Reserves Component Trainer; Col. Christopher Carlile, CCAD Commander; and Marc Gonzalez, S4 Director cut the ribbon for the official opening of the barracks. Photo by Kiana Allen. (RELEASED).

Corpus Christi, TX (March 27, 2012) – Corpus Christ Army Depot held an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly renovated Military Barracks on March 28, 2012.

CCAD’s deteriorating barracks were condemned to visiting soldiers in 2007 due to mold. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which was part of President Barack Obama’s stimulus effort funded the project to remodel the barracks in 2009 and left a financial impact of three million dollars to the local community. Renovation began in late 2009, wrapping up in December 2011. CCAD’s remodeled barracks welcomed soldiers once again in March 2012.

“The barracks are awesome! We were pleasantly surprised to have this so close to our work,” said a visitor to the barracks, CW4 Bobby Prater, Detachment Commander of the 351st Aviation. “The barracks are not only a nice place to stay but there are no problems with transportation because we can walk to work back and forth which logistically helps out as well.”

“We want to give the soldiers the best we have to offer because they are giving us their best,” said Mitch Holmes, Military Personnel and Reserves Component Trainer.

The barracks also save soldiers money as they stay at no cost during their stay.

“CCAD incurs the cost of lodging should a unit be unable to provide funding,” said Harry Falcon, CCAD Civil Engineer.

“The barracks enable us to have the flexibility to bring in all kinds of troops and even some civilians to stay on base so they can do some training at basically no cost because they get to stay here for free,” said Marc Gonzalez, S4 Director.

“Everybody gets an individual room which is a plus because typically you go to a place and get two people to a room,” said CW4 Prater. “Everything is up-to-date, functional and each room even has their own thermostat where you can set how warm or cold you want the room. I could go on and on.”

The newly renovated facility includes new paint, doors, lighting and signage along with an internet café, new kitchen, dining area, recreation room, individual barracks, officer suites, laundry facilities and restrooms. 

The barracks are vital to the Active Duty, Reservists and National Guard Soldiers providing them lodging while they gain hands-on experience at CCAD. Soldiers work alongside depot artisans as they learn how to repair deployed aircraft in their unit.

“I appreciate the opportunity for CCAD to serve as a training base for the National Guard, reserves and active duty soldiers,” said Col. Christopher Carlile, CCAD Commander. “Having good barracks for the soldiers when they aren’t on duty is important so you can relax, have a good time and stay cool.”

A soldier gaining hands-on training experience at CCAD is not only benefitting the soldier but it significantly helps CCAD. When soldiers train at CCAD, they are giving the depot an extra hand as they enhance their skills working on various parts and components of an aircraft.

Inside barracks

A soldier enjoys privacy in the newly renovated Barracks at CCAD. Photo by Kiana Allen. (RELEASED)


Designated a Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for rotary wing aircraft, Corpus Christi Army Depot ensures aviation readiness through overhaul, repair, modification, retrofit, testing, recapitalization, and modernization of helicopters, engines and components. This effort includes world-wide on-site field maintenance teams, analytical crash investigations and chemical material process facilities. CCAD serves as a depot training base for active duty Army, National Guard, and reserve units. CCAD, as South Texas' largest industrial employer, employs more than 5500 personnel and contractors providing an overall economic impact of more than $1.14 Billon to the local community.