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New Orders
Fundamentally, the composition of CCAD’s FY14 new orders does not luctuate much from year to year. In FY14 the largest customer, Supply Management Army, comprised $518M, or roughly 54%, of the total new orders while other Army customers comprised 37%. Foreign Military Sales totaled 1%, and other DOD customers established 8% of CCAD’s workload. In addition to the customer base, the composition of new orders between components and airframes adjusted slightly from 70% components/30% airframes to 63% components and 37% airframe to relect a decreasing requirement for secondary items.
The UH-60 Black Hawk airframe is the primary weapon system repaired at CCAD.
Highlighting a transition in components, the composition of FY14 component orders include spares totaling $227.2M, transmissions accounting for $120M, and T700 and T55 engines for $119M of workload.
In airframes, the UH-60 Black Hawk airframe is the primary weapon system repaired at CCAD. Orders for UH-60 workload totaled $286.2M for Recapitalization and the remaining Crash Battle Damage workload. Orders for AH- 64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook luctuated slightly from previous years but CCAD observed a marked decrease in orders for the OH-58D Kiowa due to shifting requirements within the Department of Defense.
CCAD FY14 Workload
Carry-in New Orders
Total Workload
$ 946.6 $ 969.4
51% 49%
FY14 New Orders by Customer
New Orders
Carry-in (adjusted)
Army Supplemental 4%
Procurement 7%
All Others 0%
AF 3%
Navy 5%
FMS/Other 1%
Army Base
Army Supplemental AWCF/SMA Procurement
Air Force
All Others
AH-64 CH-47 HH-60 OH-58 UH-60 Total
$254.7 $42.3 $518.4 $69.8 $24.2 $47.2 $0 $11.7 $1.1 $969.4 millions
$49.6 $6.6 $9.5 $11.0 $286.2 $362.9 millions
$76.3 $227.2 $119.0 $42.0 $120.0 $22.1 $606.6 millions
Army Base 20%
FY14 New Orders by Aircraft
AH-64 8%
UH-60 73%
CH-47 0%
HH-60 7%
OH-58 18%
FY14 New Orders by Components
Engines Engine 28% Components
Blades Components Engines
Engine Components Transmissions Other
Components 32%
Transmissions 15%
Other 4%
Blades 14%

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