CCAD Employee Assistance Program

Corpus Christi Army Depot
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"his family persevered with his treatment"

"For all our losses, time is the most irrecuperable, for it can never be redeemed."

- King Henry VIII

    EAP BrochurePurpose

    The purpose of the Army Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to:

    • Help employees in identifying and resolving personal problems that may affect their job performance and well-being.
    • Assist management in addressing productivity issues.
    • Promote installation work/life/wellness programs.

    Types of Service

    • Confidential screening, short-term problem solving, referral, and follow-up for eligible participants (DA civilian employees and their family members, family members of active military, and military/civilian retirees)
    • Consultation with supervisors and managers related to work performance issues.
    • Training for civilian employees and their supervisors.Dealing with an Alcohol Abuser: A Supervisor's Guide

    Sexual Harassment & Assault

    • NAS Corpus Christi 24/7 Sexual Assault Victim Advocate  - 361-438-7778
    • NAS Sexual Assault Response Coordinator - 361-961-1670
    • DOD Safe Helpline - 1-877-995-5247

Last updated on: 22-Jan-2018