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Contacting the Depot

    Mailing Address

    Corpus Christi Army Depot
    308 Crecy St
    Corpus Christi, TX 78419

    CCAD Phone Numbers
    OrganizationNumber (DSN-861)
    Army Contracting Command
    (361) 961-3913
    Business Development Office
    (361) 961-5911
    (800) 490-3289
    CCAD Security
    (361) 961-3313
    Civilian Human Resource Agency
    (361) 961-5582
    Infrastructure Operations
    (361) 961-0082
    Military Personnel
    (361) 961-2617
    Public Affairs Office
    (361) 961-3627
    Workforce Recruitment
    (361) 961-5754
    Aircraft Production
    (361) 961-3111
    Production Management
    (361) 961-3875
    Production Engineering
    (361) 961-3017
    Powertrain Production
    (361) 961-0219
    Manufacturing/Process Production
    (361) 961-4645
    Engines Production
    (361) 961-0219
    Quality Assurance
    (361) 961-4699
    Accessories & Rotor Blade Production
    (361) 961-4183
    Aviation Systems Production
    (361) 961-5829
    Liaison Offices
    (361) 961-6670
    Air Force
    (361) 961-4587

Mission statement

  • Return Army rotary wing aircraft and components to the fight with uncompromising quality, at the lowest possible cost, in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Support the Army's accident investigation processes with subject matter expertise and reliable laboratory analysis anywhere in the world.
  • When required, assess, evaluate and repair forward deployed aircraft and components anywhere in the world to include depot forward capabilities as required.
  • Support Active, Reserve and National Guard maintenance skill development with hands-on experience at the Depot.


  • To be the Warfighter's preferred best value solution for modification, repair, and overhaul of critical rotary wing and UAS components and platforms.
  • To anticipate and prepare for future MRO requirements with tools, training, and facilities.
  • To utilize LMP and other automation solutions to reduce indirect costs, focus on programs with highest margins, and make informed business decisions on off-loading programs that are not economical.
  • To fully utilize the Aviation Enterprise (AMCOM, IMMC, RDEC, PEO-AV, USAACE, and CCAD) to provide coordinated, effective and efficient support to the Warfighter.


Last updated on: 22-Feb-2013